About us

If there are two words that aptly bring out the essence of our site it is the Purple Ribbon which is a symbol of creating awareness of domestic violence. Before we go into the objectives of our site, it will be relevant to know what “domestic violence” is and why it is considered to be a scourge of modern society.

Domestic violence is actually a behavioural pattern which involves abuse or violence by one person against another in a domestic setting in marriage or without. It can be against spouse or live-in partner and covers heterosexual or same-sex relationships including violence against children also.

There are many forms to this type of abuse and comprises of physical, verbal, economic, religious and sexual factors. Women are primarily the victims of domestic violence around the world. Laws relating to this are very strict but that has not been a deterrent as this form of gross violence is rampant in many corners of the globe. Sadly, in some nations, domestic violence is permitted and has legal sanctity, especially in cases of infidelity on the part of the woman.

Coming back to our blog site togetherwecanstopit.org, we are committed to making people aware of the horrendous effects of domestic violence and how it tears apart the very fabric of our society mainly in a family setting. We are focussed on creating awareness among common men and women on what constitutes domestic violence and the recourses they can resort to in such cases. This will be in terms of law as well as steps that can be taken to pre-empt such a possibility. And if such instances do arise, readers will get to know the many finer points related to child custody.

However, to make our blog site truly meaningful and useful, we welcome write-ups and blogs from people who are well conversant on the subject and can guide our readers on its many facets. It can be on any topic provided it pertains to this niche. Bloggers can focus on the different forms of abuse and their specific general and legal implications, what to do in case of domestic violence and people or organisations to contact for help.

Do send in your blogs to us for publication on our site. Your considered and knowledgeable advice and recommendations can help many a family in trouble.