Athena Weapons Detection System

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Whether your business is an educational institution, gaming facility, or hospital, Athena Weapons Detection System helps you maintain security accountability and compliance.

How much does Athena security cost?

Athena Weapons Detection System use cameras, thermal imaging, low-frequency electro-magnetic technology, and artificial intelligence to detect weapons, potential crime such as mass shootings, and those who may have an elevated temperature caused by infection with COVID-19 (coronavirus). It can identify possible threats quickly, flagged before shots are fired, and can be configured for both audio and visual alarms to alert staff.

It can also be configured to display a ‘Clear’ or ‘Not Clear’ signal, depending on your security needs, and send alerts to mobile phones, VMS, Security Platform, or cloud. It can be installed as a plug-and-play system with no need for an operator, calibrating and configuring itself.

The system screens people as they enter the building to prevent false positives with keys and phone and identifies metallic threats like metal water bottles. It’s a next-generation, frictionless technology that’s designed for a slim footprint and doesn’t slow down traffic flow on your campus.

Hosanna Christian Academy – BATON ROUGH, LA

The school, which serves children in grades Pre-K through eighth, installed the weapon detection system this month to improve safety on their campus. Principal Mark Marino says the school already has other safety features in place and wanted to add another level of protection.

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