Cannabis Production Licence

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cannabis production licence

A cannabis production licence allows an individual or business to grow, manufacture and sell cannabis. It defines the cultivation and production limits and is issued by the Department of Cannabis Control. Cannabis producers can obtain multiple permits under the same licence. However, they must meet certain preconditions. First, they must be producing medicinal cannabis. Secondly, they must provide the material to another cannabis producer who has a licence or other authorisation to grow and produce cannabis.

You Will Need To Keep In Mind

Cannabis production licence holders must use good production practices when growing cannabis. This can prevent any negative impacts to the quality of the product. This includes preventing contamination or the accidental addition of external substances to the plant. They should also follow the guidelines set out in the Good Production Practices Guide for Cannabis and the Application Guide. Growing cannabis indoors is also allowed in Canada.

To obtain a cannabis production licence, businesses must submit an application that includes an attestation of accuracy. However, if the business is not registered with a public company or has no investors, it does not need to submit a key investor report. A business without investors need not provide financial information, but it must still complete the attestation. It should also include detailed answers to the questions asked. Once the application is approved, the process of formal assessment will start. The Medical Cannabis Program will review the information provided and may visit the location to confirm compliance with all regulations.

Applicants must also prove that they have the capacity to conduct a stable business. For instance, they must show that they have previous business experience and can avoid diverting cannabis into the black market. Furthermore, they must be able to demonstrate that they can meet the security standards set out by the Narcotic Drugs Act.

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