Concrete Floor Repairs Near Me

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Concrete floors in commercial settings sustain damage from heavy equipment, spills, and extensive foot traffic. Whether it’s cosmetic blemishes, structural problems, or safety issues that arise from deteriorating concrete, SUNDEK contractors can repair and refinish these surfaces to bring them back to their original condition.Learn more

Spalling is caused when small amounts of water freeze and thaw in cracks or holes in the concrete, wearing away the top layer to expose the weaker aggregate underneath. The best way to fix this is to remove the damaged area of the slab and resurface it.

Transformative Spaces: How Local Concrete Floor Repairs Can Enhance Your Environment

All concrete slabs settle over time due to changing conditions in the soil they are on. This can happen due to poor soil compaction, lack of moisture or washout, and other factors. Slab settlement can result in cracks, pitting, and unevenness in the floor which can be corrected with concrete repairs or mudjacking depending on the cause of the settlement.

The key to a long lasting and strong repair is proper preparation and using the right repair material. Most concrete repair products on the market are not true concrete, but rather a combination of Portland cement and aggregate with different polymers added to create specific properties like higher bond strength or faster set times. If you’re considering a concrete repair project it is best to contact a professional who can recommend the appropriate material for your application and can help with the preparation of the existing surface and the use of the product.

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