Differences in How Cannabis Influences Women and Men

Men and women both smoke cannabis, yet marijuana affects males and females in different ways. For instance, your male partner may eat more than you after smoking, or your libido might increase substantially when compared to your partner. Have you ever wondered why? Well, turns out that cannabis can actually affect both sexes in different ways.

Most scientific studies are targeted mainly towards men and women are sometimes left out; however, some researchers have studied cannabis and its effects on both men and women. If you’ve always wondered why you and your partner behave differently after smoking/consuming cannabis, this article may help you figure out why.


Weed is known to give you the munchies whenever you smoke some strain that stimulates the appetite. But, have you wondered why your partner eats more than you? This is because men have a larger appetite after smoking when compared to women. Men also are reported to have more amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in the bloodstream while women have lesser concentrations. This is perhaps why men get more high when compared to their counterparts.

Pain relief

Cannabis has been used as a pain reliever for a long time now. But, did you know that cannabis works far better for women in the pain department compared to men? Yes, since women are not as sensitive to cannabis as men, even little amounts of cannabis can work as a good pain reliever, but it’s not the same for men. Men have to smoke a lot more cannabis to relieve pain, but it’s not a problem because men consume more weed than women anyway.

Increased Libido

Marijuana is used for many medicinal purposes but it’s not a secret that it can increase the libido. There’s a small catch here, though. Men and women both find an increased libido due to cannabis; however, women are more likely to reject sex if they smoke strains that are high in THC. This has something to do with estrogen because the THC interferes with the estrogen and reduces the libido.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t smoke cannabis before indulging in intercourse, but you should smoke something that’s light in THC. Remember that while small doses increase your sex drive, large doses could work in an opposite manner. When it comes to men, the sperm production may reduce when they smoke cannabis.

Side effects

Like everything else, cannabis also has its own side effects if you overdo it. While some people experience dizziness, a few others may experience something completely different. For instance, women tend to feel dizzier than men, but men are more likely to develop panic and personality disorders after smoking cannabis for a long time.

A study conducted in 2015 stated that men can develop psychosis if they smoke marijuana for a long time, but please note that these studies are inconclusive and we definitely need more evidence before branding marijuana as a drug that induces psychosis. Scientists are still not sure if psychosis exists and we’ll have a clear picture once more studies are conducted.

Cannabis has many advantages compared to its disadvantages and you should understand both the positive and negative effects. Understandably, reading the negative effects may be a little nerve-wracking, especially when there isn’t a lot of scientific evidence to prove anything, but don’t jump to conclusions until you have solid proof.

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Cannabis affects men and women differently and while some effects may be negative, it’s really too early to draw any conclusions because most of the studies are still in a nascent stage.

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