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Unlike dental implants, dentures rely on surrounding hard and soft tissue to support them. Conventional dentures are removable and are glued to the teeth, but some designs require a dental implant. These prosthetic devices are designed to replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth. Some types of dentures also bond to the dental implant. This process makes them very secure. If you have a dental implant, a dental surgeon will attach a post to the implant.

How to Know About Dentures Are Created

The first step in creating a denture is to make a wax model of the mouth. This mold is inserted into a device that replicates the gum line and is tested for fit and color. It may also need to have a wax rim attached, which is used to create models. Once the model has passed all tests, the dentist will create a final denture with a full plate of teeth. A qualified dental technician can give you an accurate mold and create a customized denture.

A wax model will be created from an impression of the patient’s teeth. The wax model will determine the fit and appearance of the final dentures. If the final dentures are not in perfect alignment, a surgical intervention may be necessary. It will be crucial for a patient to get an itemised quote before purchasing a denture. During the final step, the dentist will carefully place the dentures into the mouth. When the wax model has been properly fitted, the dentures are comfortable and easy to clean.

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