Human Growth Hormone: Does it Slow Aging?

Human Growth Hormone, more commonly known as HGH, is the new buzzword these days, and no wonder it is engulfed in doubts about its potential effects and capabilities. HGH is a hormone produced in the pituitary gland that targets muscles and bones, which causes body growth in the growing years. So, what can the Human Growth Hormone do? Can it slow the process of aging? Can this be the panacea humans have been trying to find for centuries? Or is it just another ephemeral and superficial solution against aging, that’s bound to fail like others have in the past?  Let’s delve right in and find out.

Increased Muscle Mass

Among many effects that human growth hormone induces in the subject is the increase of muscle mass. Since HGH level is high in humans in the early age, it is natural that muscle mass increases quickly when you are a teen. Drawing from this, the proponents of HGH injection contend that injecting HGH will increase the subject’s muscle mass being the harbingers of a healthy lifestyle, and more nuancedly, a young and youthful life.

Decreased Body Fat

Wasn’t losing weight easy when you were younger? Turns out you can shift back to your old state by taking HGH. Yes, HGH presence in your bloodstream accelerates your body fat breakdown, resulting in a faster decrease in your body fat. The result? You look and feel younger than ever! Fat makes you more prone to diseases as well as makes you feel lethargic, so the lesser your fat percentage is, the younger and healthier you are. Due to this reason, more and more people are now trying the human growth hormone to see its effects on them. According to an estimate, somewhere around 20,000 to 30,000 Americans used HGH in 2004 alone. You may want to try the growth hormone and check the results for yourself.

Smoother Skin

This is one effect of the human growth hormone that no one can deny. Among many effects of the HGH, one quite conspicuous is featuring a smoother skin. Yes, intake of HGH causes your skin to become smooth, much like a baby. This is first noticeable on the back of the hand, as the skin starts to become soft. Later, you will notice the soft skin spreading all over your body.

Higher Energy Levels

Intake of the human growth hormone has a direct effect on your energy levels too. You’ll feel more energized throughout the day, ready to destroy the next day! The higher levels of human growth hormone in your bloodstream make you feel more energized, just like you would if you were younger.

Faster Hair and Nail Growth

You may have noticed that young people experience a fast rate of hair and nail growth, because of high HGH production in their bodies at that stage. You may be able to relive those golden days too, by injecting HGH in yourself, so try to find where to buy hgh online.

Faster Energy Recovery after Physical Activity

As you age, your body’s ability to repair itself after a hectic workout continues to decrease. Therefore, your body may recover more slowly after an exercise than it would have when you were younger. HGH comes into play here again; people who have taken or are taking doses of the growth hormone report a significantly faster energy recovery compared to people of the same age not taking the growth hormone.

So, with all these auspicious effects of HGH in mind, should you just grab HGH wherever you find it and inject it in yourself? Not so fast! Always be mindful that injecting hormones externally, no matter how harmless it might feel, has the potential to cause unexpected side effects. So, before you just go and inject yourself with HGH, it’s better to consult professionals. If you find that your hormone levels are abnormal, first take steps to regulate them. Your simple lifestyle choices significantly affect your hormones, even sleep deprivation does! Therefore, in conclusion, we can say that while HGH surely has its undeniable effects that might ‘slow’ aging, you should always exercise caution before taking HGH artificially. It is better to adopt a healthy lifestyle and this would enable you to age slowly without the need for any external hormones.

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