Reupholstering Furniture With Upholstery Designer Fabric

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Whether it’s a new set of cushions or an upholstered headboard, re-vamping a piece of furniture with upholstery designer fabric is a creative project that many who have a little experience can manage. The marriage of practical durability and aesthetic variety makes reupholstery a unique choice for any home decorator.

What colors are used in ikat textiles?

To choose the right fabric for your needs, consider what type of wear and tear you expect. A good gauge is the ‘double rub’ rating, which replicates the amount of use a fabric can be expected to get before it will show signs of wear. The higher the number, the more durable the fabric.

Woven patterned fabrics typically have a higher thread count and tighter weaves than printed or solid fabric varieties, meaning they tend to be more durable. It’s also worth deciding how important easy-care is to your upholstery project – will it be dry clean only or can you do occasional machine washing?

Synthetic fibers like polyester and olefin are often used in upholstery because they offer excellent durability. They are highly resistant to stains, mildew and sunlight so can be used indoors and out. They aren’t as soft or luxurious as natural fabrics such as silk and wool but they can be an economical alternative.

KOKET offers a range of high-end upholstery designer fabric choices including velvet, chenille and tapestry. The brand’s collections feature designs from world-renowned designers, local craftsmen and virtuoso glass makers. The collection is available in a wide range of colors, and all fabrics pass CAL117-75 and NFPA260 – a fire rated standard required for commercial furniture by California law.

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