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Tennis Court Maintenance

When your tennis court starts showing signs of wear, it may be time for professional repair work. Whether it’s a fading line, low spots or a slick surface, the quickest way to correct these problems is by hiring a tennis court contractor for repair and resurfacing work. This will ensure your court is safe and ready for play. Resource: https://tennis-court-maintenance.uk/

Clean Up

It is important to regularly remove dirt, debris, leaves and pine needles from the court. This prevents stains on the playing surface. A blower that is designed for the court can be used to blow off stones, dust and sand that are left on the surface. It is also important to remove any puddles that are left on the surface after a rain shower. Long-term standing water softens the coating and causes premature wear of the color coat.

A First Rate Drainage System

It is important to make sure that the drainage system around your court is working correctly. This will help to ensure that excess water is diverted away from the court instead of pooling on the surface and causing damage and unsafe conditions. This is best done by regularly inspecting the drain pipes, looking for any visible signs of damage and clearing away any vegetation that could clog them.

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