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Despite its early stages, Thailand สมัคร UFA Slot is one of the fastest growing gaming markets in Southeast Asia. This is due to several factors. In a survey conducted by i-dac Bangkok, gamers in the country were asked about their favorite features in games. They also expressed an interest in esports.

Which game is popular in Thailand?

The survey also revealed that 95% of gamers in Thailand spend money on in-game products. Players spend a lot of time playing on mobile devices. However, PC and console gaming remain popular.

Thailand Gaming is growing rapidly, and it is expected to earn more than US$2 billion by 2025. The government has a national master plan for the industry. It aims to become a regional hub for electronic games. It has already secured significant funding to grow the industry.

There are now over 28 million gamers in Thailand. The majority of gamers are aged 16 to 44. They are mostly living in cities. The gaming market is growing by about 15 percent a year. It is expected to earn US$597 million in 2017.

The gaming industry is becoming popular in Thailand. It has become a part of the entertainment and leisure culture of the Thai people. They are integrating online gaming into their daily lives.

Thai gamers also enjoy role playing and simulation games. Despite the rise in popularity of esports, many traditional games have been translated into online platforms. Those include Defender’s Quest, which was translated into six other languages.

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