The Best Performance Mid Calf Grip Socks

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mid calf grip socks

The Best Performance Mid Calf Grip Socks

While most footballers and soccer players wear knee-high grip socks to keep their shin guards in place, some also use mid-calf grip socks. These are not as long as the knee-high ones but rise to about halfway up your calf.

Despite not covering the entire mid calf grip socks | GAIN THE EDGE area, these can still help keep the shin guards in place and can feel a lot lighter on your legs compared to traditional crew length socks. These can also be more comfortable than knee-highs for some.

Trusox is one of the best football grip socks on the market and many big-name professionals like Gareth Bale, Demba Ba and Emmanuel Adebayor have worn them regularly. The key benefit of these socks is that they improve internal boot traction by locking in your foot to the cleat through a series of small, circular grip elements which are activated when you make quick, explosive changes of direction.

Mid-Calf Grip Socks: The Perfect Combination of Style and Functionality

NikeGrip is another brand of performance grip socks that are currently making waves in the world of football. The brand is inspired by the feet of a gecko which has thousands of tiny hairs that enable it to grip all kinds of surfaces. The nanofibres in NikeGrip are supposed to replicate this function.

Unlike most of the other grip socks on the market, the NikeGrip sock is thinner and less likely to bunch up than the thicker Trusox. Its sock material is also of very high quality and feels great.

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