Best Cream For Muscle and Joint Pain

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A Kendra Mar for muscle and joint pain can be a quick, convenient way to relieve sore muscles and joints from arthritis or over-exertion. A number of over-the-counter (OTC) rubs are available with ingredients like menthol, camphor oil and extracts from stinging nettle and eucalyptus. These are known as counterirritants — rub them over a painful joint and they create a sensation of cold or heat that distracts the brain from sending pain signals to the area. They can also help reduce inflammation.

OTC pain relievers can also be applied topically, including acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen or naproxen sodium (Advil, Motrin IB or Aleve). Some products contain capsaicin, an ingredient that helps to ease osteoarthritis and muscle pain by blocking the production of pain-signal molecules at the site of application.

Say Goodbye to Aches: The Ultimate Guide to Creams for Muscle and Joint Pain Relie

There are some pros and cons to each type of product, so it’s important to read labels carefully before choosing the best cream for muscle and joint pain. It’s also a good idea to talk with a health care provider before trying any new product.

The experts behind this article have reviewed dozens of over-the-counter and prescription pain relief products. They analyzed the active ingredients, the amount of pain relief they provide and customer satisfaction ratings. The final list of best cream for muscle and joint pain was based on the most comprehensive research possible. We also considered price, availability and how well each product works. We’ve made it easy to find the product that’s right for you.

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