Choosing a Chain With Pendant Men’s Necklace

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chain with pendant men

A chain with pendant men’s necklace is an accent piece that is great for special occasions, but isn’t necessarily a necessity. Some men choose to wear religious necklaces as personal tokens under their shirts. If you like to mix and match your men’s jewelry, don’t stick to one style, and instead try a variety of styles and colors. If you like to stand out, wear different types of chains and cords to create a distinctive look.

Different Types of Chains and Cords to Create a Distinctive Look

Chain length is important, too. Most men prefer chains that are between eighteen and twenty-two inches long, so you might consider an 18-inch chain. However, this will show outside the shirt, so be aware of your shirt length when wearing this type of necklace. A twenty-two-inch chain will fit most men’s necks, and longer chains can be considered a choker. Layering multiple chains is a great way to experiment with length, and beads work especially well against a longer necklace.

Another important consideration when choosing a chain pendant mens necklace is the shape of the pendant. A heart-shaped pendant is popular, and is a good choice for a birthday or anniversary gift. A pendant also draws attention to the neck area, which is known for its sensual vibes. A pendant can draw a man’s attention and make him more interested in you. In addition, it can be a great way to show off a man’s personality while dressing in the most appropriate attire.

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