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email validation API

Email validation API  is a software solution that allows companies to verify and correct misspelled email addresses in real-time. This helps to avoid spam traps, preventing unwanted emails from being sent to subscribers and protecting brand reputation. The email verification API is easy to integrate with applications and websites, and it is available in multiple programming languages including.NET, Python, Ruby, Java, and PHP.

In the past, a basic real-time email validation would kick back an address if it contained a period in the wrong place, but now you can do much more. For example, Infobip’s Email Validation API will tell you if an email address is a role-based account (such as “help@”) rather than a personal one, and it can even detect disposable email addresses like Mailinator and 10MinuteMail.

“Enhance Data Integrity: Leveraging an Email Validation API for Accurate and Reliable Email Verification

Using an email validation tool can reduce bounce rates and help your marketing team reach more of your target audience. It can also increase your email deliverability, which is a key factor in improving ROI and increasing subscriber re-engagement.

mailboxlayer’s email verification API is easy to use and offers a free Sandbox mode for testing purposes without deducting any credits from your subscription plan. The Mailboxlayer API also provides a dashboard where you can track daily and monthly API consumption, and it will send you an alert if you are close to reaching your limit. This is especially useful for businesses with limited resources. This email cleaning API uses intelligent algorithms to evaluate email addresses based on three primary factors: appearance, deliverability, and background. It then assigns a numeric quality score to each email address.

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