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how to decorate a bag

When you want to dress up a plain bag for how to decorate a bag or for use as a craft project, there are many fun ways to decorate it. The first step is to gather the necessary supplies. Look around your home, or make a trip to a local craft store. Be sure to read the instructions for your chosen decoration technique carefully before you begin.

Make a simple, yet functional paper bag into a festive holly or mistletoe bag. Decorate the bag with gel pens to add dots, stars or other designs. For a more festive touch, spray the bag with repositionable metallic spray paint. When it dries, remove the spray paint sprig/branches and reposition them as desired.

For a quick and easy decorative craft, decorate the bag with patterned fabric scraps. You can iron the pieces on the back side and glue them to the bag. Alternatively, you can cut small strips of the same fabric and tie them together to form a band across the bag.

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A paper bag can be transformed into a beautiful and useful gift bag with a little bit of work. Place the heaviest items in first, and layer lighter items on top. Finished off with a bow and gift tag, the bag is ready to give!

Make a fun and unique monogram with your initials or another favorite phrase. Add a touch of French with “bonjour” or a cute phrase that reflects your personality. You can also use a stencil and fabric paint to create a more permanent design.

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