How to Go About Creating an Ad on Facebook

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When creating a creating ad on Facebook, start by choosing the objective you want to achieve. This will give Facebook a target number to beat, and it will help Facebook determine the best times and places to show your ad. Facebook will also recommend a daily or lifetime budget for your ad set. Using the lifetime option will let Facebook pace your spending throughout a campaign, while a daily budget will force Facebook to stop showing your ad once your daily limit is reached.

Next, select or create an audience. Facebook has a wide range of audience targeting options, from general demographics like age and gender to specific interests, such as Harry Potter or underwater rugby. The more specific your audience is, the better your ad will perform.

Step-by-Step: Creating an Ad on Facebook for Maximum Impact

You can also use the Lookalike Audience feature to find similar users to your current customer base. These are people that Facebook thinks will be interested in your product or service based on Custom Audience data (people who have visited your website, post-click landing pages, mobile app, or page), and pixel data from the users of your products or services.

Once you have your audience defined, you can choose placements to place your ad on Facebook and Instagram. You can either set a manual placement or opt to have Facebook automatically select the best placements based on performance. Once you’ve selected your audience, optimization and delivery, and placements, it’s time to actually create your ad.

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