Lantana Recovery in Charleston SC

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Lantana Recovery in Charleston SC offers a comprehensive community-based integrative care model for treatment. The facility provides a wide range of effective evidence-based treatment modalities and allows clients to develop skills and strategies to overcome challenges in their lives.

What are the 7 Addictions?

The facility provides various services to help people recover from substance abuse. These services include counseling, psychoeducation, group therapy and creative therapies. It also offers family support groups.

Lantana Recovery in Charleston SC has three programs that include the Empowerment Program, an evidence-based style of treatment that focuses on empowering clients and improving their quality of life. This program involves two phases: Phase 1 is about stabilization and the second phase is about more freedom and activities.

This program is available for adults over the age of 18. Adult men and women can enroll in this program. They can participate in the program either on an outpatient basis or in an inpatient program.

The Empowerment Program combines clinical, behavioral, and experiential therapies to increase the patient’s sense of empowerment. A case manager assists the client in coordinating his or her treatment. Several hands-on experiences are offered during the program.

The Empowerment Program also includes individual and family therapy, coping skill development and recovery coaching. This program can be a great option for those with co-occurring mental health disorders.

Lantana Recovery also offers financing options for treatment. The facility accepts private insurance, in-network insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.

In addition, patients can also hire a sober companion to be a part of their recovery process. The sober companions help newly clean addicts adjust to a sober lifestyle.

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