Whether your business is an educational institution, gaming facility, or hospital, Athena Weapons Detection System helps you maintain security accountability and compliance.

How much does Athena security cost?

Athena Weapons Detection System use cameras, thermal imaging, low-frequency electro-magnetic technology, and artificial intelligence to detect weapons, potential crime such as mass shootings, and those who may have an elevated temperature caused by infection with COVID-19 (coronavirus). It can identify possible threats quickly, flagged before shots are fired, and can be configured for both audio and visual alarms to alert staff.

It can also be configured to display a ‘Clear’ or ‘Not Clear’ signal, depending on your security needs, and send alerts to mobile phones, VMS, Security Platform, or cloud. It can be installed as a plug-and-play system with no need for an operator, calibrating and configuring itself.

The system screens people as they enter the building to prevent false positives with keys and phone and identifies metallic threats like metal water bottles. It’s a next-generation, frictionless technology that’s designed for a slim footprint and doesn’t slow down traffic flow on your campus.

Hosanna Christian Academy – BATON ROUGH, LA

The school, which serves children in grades Pre-K through eighth, installed the weapon detection system this month to improve safety on their campus. Principal Mark Marino says the school already has other safety features in place and wanted to add another level of protection.

walk in hair salons

Salons & Styling Services

Hairdressers can provide many brazilian blowout near me treatments, including coloring and styling. They can also perform a variety of highlighting techniques like babylights, balayage and ombre. Some hairdressers even offer extensions, which can add length and fullness to your mane.

Walk in Customer Service

The main challenge of working with a walk in customer is not knowing when they will show up. This means that you can’t predict what they will want done or how long it will take to get their hairstyle.

You’ll have to be patient with a walk in customer and try to accommodate their request as best you can, while trying to manage your schedule so that you don’t miss an appointment or lose an existing one. This can be especially challenging for a new salon.

Aftercare for Brazilian Blowouts: Tips and Products to Maintain Your Results

Reserving a few stylists to only work on walk ins can be beneficial for a number of different reasons. Firstly, it will allow walk in customers to avoid having to wait as long as they would at an appointment, which can be important for busy salons.

Secondly, it will mean that your stylists will be able to get a better feel for the typical haircut and style they’re providing walk in customers. This can be a great training opportunity for newer stylists and will help them build their skills faster.

Finally, it will allow you to manage your schedule and be more efficient. You’ll be able to keep your appointments on time and prevent them from clashing with walk in customers by offering a dedicated walking area or limiting the amount of time they can spend there.

Austral Salon
2100 North Beltline Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29204

prebiotic supplement powder

Best prebiotic powder | Hyperbiotics is a dietary ingredient that helps promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut. It contains soluble fibers such as inulin and fructooligosaccharides, which act as food for the gut microbiome.

These fibers also help regulate blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels. They may also reduce anxiety, alleviate irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms, and reduce inflammation.

Benefits of Dietary Fiber

A diet rich in soluble fiber from fruit, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains is the ideal way to support gut health. A daily dose of 2.5-10 grams of soluble fiber is recommended for a meaningful effect on your health.

The Science Behind Prebiotic Supplement Powder and Its Impact on Digestive Health

Adding prebiotic supplement powder to your daily diet can be an easy, effective way to boost the dietary fiber you’re already getting from your daily diet. Often marketed as “microbiome fertilizers,” prebiotics are a type of dietary fiber that helps to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut.

They can be especially helpful for people with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBS) or other digestive disorders, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). But it’s important to note that they can also cause side effects in some individuals. For example, a high dose of prebiotics can lead to gas and bloating. To avoid these side effects, it’s best to start with low-dose supplements and gradually increase them as your body adjusts.

calcium chews for bariatric patients

If you’re a calcium chews for bariatric patients | Bariatric Fusion patient, calcium chews may be a great option for you. They are specially formulated to provide the calcium your body needs for bone strength and metabolic health after surgery.


Our great tasting soft-chews deliver 500mg of Calcium Citrate along with Vitamin D, Magnesium and essential Vitamin K to optimize absorption and help maintain bone health and strength. Plus, they provide B vitamins to enhance energy and metabolism.


Our fast-melting tablets safely dissolve in your mouth, making it easy to add them to your daily supplement regimen. They also taste great and don’t leave any lingering “horse pills” or chalky tastes behind.


Why Bariatric Fusion’s Calcium Chews Are a Must-Have for Post-Op Patients

Our superior tasting supplements come in 4 different flavors – Strawberry (22), Lemon (22), Raspberry (23) and Orange (23). These soft-chews are perfect for all bariatric surgeries: Gastric Bypass, Duodenal Switch and Sleeve Gastrectomy patients.


For many bariatric surgery patients, dietary intake is insufficient to meet their calcium needs. This is because of a reduction in stomach acid following surgery, which can impact the ability to absorb calcium.


Our soft-chews are crafted by a team of bariatric surgeons to ensure maximum absorption. They are manufactured in a GMP certified facility to meet the quality standards for bariatric nutrition.

COMFORTABLE TO SWALLOW: These chews have a pleasant, sweet taste and are individually wrapped. This makes it easier for you to take them anywhere.

Custom ecommerce web design services are a great way to increase your online sales and brand recognition. A professional eCommerce design agency can develop an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use website that compels visitors to purchase your products and services.

What are the principles of website design?

The right True North Social: custom ecommerce web design services will ensure that your customers enjoy a consistent shopping experience on your site no matter what device they use to shop with you. It will also integrate the best payment systems and provide technical support whenever you need it.

Creating your ideal online store involves much more than designing and coding a website. It takes a deep understanding of the business, market and your target audience.

A good eCommerce design agency will have experience working with your industry and can help you build a website that works for your specific business goals and fits your unique selling point.

SEO: Search engine optimization is essential for any successful website. A well-designed ecommerce website should incorporate all the best SEO practices to get your site listed high on Google and attract visitors with strong purchase intent.

Content management: A CMS allows you to update your ecommerce website with new products and features easily and consistently. It can also be used to manage inventory and promotions, ensuring that you always have the product lines in stock that your customers want.

User experience: UX is one of the most important factors for an ecommerce store because it directly impacts sales and organic search. A professional eCommerce design agency will create an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use interface that captivates your customers and makes the buying process as simple as possible.

online lash course

If you’re interested in starting a new career as an eyelash artist, there are several online training opportunities available. These programs are a great way to become part of the growing eyelash extension industry.

How to Get an Online Lash Course

The online lash courses industry is one of the fastest growing beauty industries and there are many benefits to becoming an eyelash artist. Among those is financial independence, flexibility in working hours, and the ability to earn up to 6 figures!

Online training options are also convenient for students who don’t have time to travel to a local beauty school. There are online programs that allow you to learn at your own pace, and there are also a variety of certifications and licensing programs to choose from.

The Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Online Lash Extension Training

Achieving certification is an excellent way to show potential clients that you have the skills and knowledge to do your job properly. A certification can also help you get started in the lash industry more easily, as it will allow you to start practicing your craft sooner.

Xtreme Lashes is the leading lash extension training provider in the world, and offers multiple online and in-person lash courses for both beginner and advanced artists. They have also helped set the standards for eyelash application techniques and safety in the lash industry.

Sassy Wink is the premier online lash technician and artistry course that divulges industry tips and tricks, and step-by-step methods on how to do your lashes correctly! The online program also offers access to study materials so you can stay current on the latest trends.

list of escort sites

If you’re looking for escorts to accompany you on a date or for casual encounters, then there are plenty of options out there. The top escort sites below offer quality services and a safe environment for finding adult companions. Go here http://www.sexdatingapps.com/escort-site-reviews/

Best Escort Sites for a Date

If your aim is to find hot girls to accompany you on a date, then you’ve come to the right place! These reputable escort dating platforms are renowned for their efficient and reliable service and they come with all the essential communication channels that you need to help you find and connect with your ideal partner.

The most effective escort sites for 2022 are incredibly user-friendly and provide all the features you need to make sure you get the results you want. They also have a number of search filters that can help you find the right escorts for your preferences and location, so you don’t waste any time in finding the right person for your needs!

What Is It Like To Hire An Escort

CityXGuide is a sleek and easy-to-use escort website that features hot sexy escorts in your city. It doesn’t require any registration and you can start browsing by choosing your city from the homepage.

Erotic Monkey is another escort site that provides a good range of escorts in every major city in the U.S. The site is a bit dated but it does have an advanced search feature that makes it easy to narrow down the selection of escorts you’re interested in.

mid calf grip socks

The Best Performance Mid Calf Grip Socks

While most footballers and soccer players wear knee-high grip socks to keep their shin guards in place, some also use mid-calf grip socks. These are not as long as the knee-high ones but rise to about halfway up your calf.

Despite not covering the entire mid calf grip socks | GAIN THE EDGE area, these can still help keep the shin guards in place and can feel a lot lighter on your legs compared to traditional crew length socks. These can also be more comfortable than knee-highs for some.

Trusox is one of the best football grip socks on the market and many big-name professionals like Gareth Bale, Demba Ba and Emmanuel Adebayor have worn them regularly. The key benefit of these socks is that they improve internal boot traction by locking in your foot to the cleat through a series of small, circular grip elements which are activated when you make quick, explosive changes of direction.

Mid-Calf Grip Socks: The Perfect Combination of Style and Functionality

NikeGrip is another brand of performance grip socks that are currently making waves in the world of football. The brand is inspired by the feet of a gecko which has thousands of tiny hairs that enable it to grip all kinds of surfaces. The nanofibres in NikeGrip are supposed to replicate this function.

Unlike most of the other grip socks on the market, the NikeGrip sock is thinner and less likely to bunch up than the thicker Trusox. Its sock material is also of very high quality and feels great.

Repairing your home can be expensive. A furnace breaks down, a roof leaks, a window gets broken, and kitchen appliances go on the fritz—but there are options to get help with home repairs when you can’t afford to pay for them.

What is a resource and examples?

A resource for home repair is a valuable tool that can help you make any project a success. These centers have experienced staff members who can teach you the proper techniques and materials for different types of repairs. They also have easy-to-follow instructions and detailed checklists that can make a huge difference in your results.

The right home repair resource can save you a lot of time and money. If you’re new to home repair, it’s especially helpful if the center provides an abundance of information. Source : homeinspectioninsider.com

You can find a good home repair resource online or at your local hardware store. These stores regularly host free in-person workshops and offer a wide range of products and tools for DIY projects.

If you don’t have the cash to pay for a professional, there are several federal programs and local and national non-profit organizations that provide discounted or free home repair to qualified homeowners. Many of these agencies also have low rate fixed interest loans to help you cover the cost.

Another option is to look for churches or charities near you that augment government programs by allowing volunteer servants to perform home repairs. This can be a great way to earn a little extra income while learning to do useful jobs around the house.

Life Leadership Coaching Vancouver Aren Bahia

Aren Bahia is a Canadian entrepreneur/philanthropist who’s lived a “full spectrum life.” From growing up in a rough area of Vancouver to spiritual development in Asia, he’s seen his world shift from the lifestyle of cars, cash, and women to meditation and yoga in the Himalayas. Since starting his life over in Bali in 2016, he’s launched 4 businesses and raised tens of thousands of dollars for under privileged and mentally disabled Balinese children.

He’s also an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, personal development coach and founder of Karma House Bali, Conscious Arts Tattoos, Full Reset Coaching and a founding partner in YogiLab. He lives in Ubud and is passionate about bringing spirituality to the business world through yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Finding Balance in Your Life: How a Life Coach Can Help You Prioritize Your Needs

Full Reset Blueprint

Aren’s ‘Full Reset Blueprint’ is a six-step process that he used to rewrite his entire life in a matter of months and transform his career from gang-related criminal into an international entrepreneur. It’s a holistic program that works either 1-on-1 or in groups to help clients create a clear vision of what they want and how to achieve it.

Leadership Coaching for Executives

If you are an executive or supervisory leader and feel like your team is not on the same page, it may be time to invest in a specialized coaching session. This type of coaching is designed to help you navigate difficult moments, build relationships, and see results with your teams in the workplace.

Contact us today to explore if life or leadership coaching is right for you!

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