Plate Loaded Equipment UK

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Here at Gymwarehouse, we stock a range of top-of-the-line plate loaded strength machines that are great for commercial gyms, PT studios and home users alike. Plate loaded machines allow users to replicate the feeling of free weights whilst providing safe and controlled movement that eliminates the risk of crushing injuries. Our range of machine include all the favourites such as a plate loaded chest press, plate loaded leg curl and hack squat.Check this out :

Plate-loaded equipment works on the same principals as free weights but provides a safer and more stable training environment with a supportive structure, controlled movement range and pre-selected weight selection. This makes them particularly useful for beginner-friendly strength training, as the fixed weights limit the amount of weight the user can lift to avoid pushing themselves too far or overloading the equipment, and they offer a clear progression path that is easy to follow.

The Rise of Plate Loaded Equipment in the UK Fitness Scene

One drawback of plate-loaded machines is that changing the weight on them takes longer than with a selectorized piece as you need to manually add or remove plates from the frame rather than just popping in and out a stack of plates like on a selectorized machine. However, this is a minor issue that can be overcome.

All of our plate loaded machines are from the leading brand Exigo and come with a lifetime warranty. They are renowned for their superior biomechanics and are favoured by professional bodybuilders and gym novices alike.

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