Today’s Most Remarkable Sports Stars

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Todays most remarkable sports stars

Today’s most remarkable sports stars

When it comes to defining greatness in a particular sport, many athletes have stood above the rest. Whether it was a legendary quarterback who led his team to four Super Bowl victories or a baseball pitcher who won three consecutive Cy Young awards, the best of the best have blazed trails that other athletes can only follow. Here we look at some of the world’s most remarkable sports stars – from Tom Brady and Ronaldo to the incredible female track and field star Mo Farah and equine superstar Winx.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo, FB (Club Al Nassr FC)

Today’s most remarkable sports stars footballer has won an astounding five Ballon d’Or awards and holds the record of the most goals scored in a single season for his club. Ronaldo has become a global phenomenon and is searched for more than any other athlete online, making him the number one sports star in 82 countries worldwide.

Icons in Motion: Unveiling Today’s Most Remarkable Sports Stars

James transformed his hometown franchise’s fortunes by leading them to an NBA title in 2015. His dominance in the league over the past decade has been nothing short of spectacular.

3. Serena Williams, SG (Nasdaq: SERI)

Widely considered the greatest tennis player of all time, Williams has won an amazing 23 Grand Slam tournament singles titles – more than any other male or female player in the Open Era.

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