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Conveyor casters are a type of wheeled rolling device that provides the ability to move an object. They are often used in the manufacturing industry to move materials. However, they can also be found in office chairs, carts, and even grocery carts. A conveyor caster is often made of a metal frame that can be easily attached to other objects. Its wheels are typically made of forged steel.

What is heavy duty caster wheels?

Conveyor casters are commonly used in airports, hospitals, and industrial plants. They are designed to invert for easy installation. Their wheels come in rigid or swivel styles. The design of these wheels prevents flat spots from appearing on them. In addition, the swivel style offers the option of side-locks for added mobility. These casters can be a cost-effective way to maintain productivity in your bagging line.

Conveyor casters also feature an upper raceway with a sealed cup cover for lubricant and a lower metal cup for mounting. This design allows for a quick, secure installation. Other features include an angled flange and a bright zinc plate finish. More info : https://www.castercity.com/conveyor-casters/

Depending on the application, conveyor casters can be made to accommodate different sizes of wheel. Wheels come in standard wheel sizes of 4″ and 6″. If you are looking for a larger wheel, you can also choose a model that uses an 8″ diameter wheel. You can even get a swivel caster kit, which adds versatility to your installation.

As with any other type of caster, a conveyor caster will need to be installed using fasteners. This is a process that is easy to do and requires no special tools.

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