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Cooking over an open fire is one of the most satisfying camping activities. However, it can be dangerous if you don’t have the right campfire cooking equipment. Thankfully, there are lots of great camping kits that include everything you need to safely and deliciously prepare meals over the fire.

A good campfire cooking equipment set will have a pot, pans, and a grill or griddle. Ideally, the pans should be made of metal that won’t melt. The set should also have a cover to protect the food and prevent burning. Look for a lid with a vent so you can easily strain liquids.

Another great piece of campfire cooking equipment is a pair of long locking tongs. These will give you comfortable distance from the hot coals and make it easy to flip burgers or pull steak off the grill. You can also use the tongs to handle skewers, such as for a chicken leg or veggie kabobs.

From Flames to Feasts: Essential Campfire Cooking Equipment for Outdoor Culinary Adventures

Other great campfire cooking equipment to have includes a meat thermometer and a set of steel skewers. The thermometer will help you monitor the internal temperature of your meat while the skewers will make it easy to roast hot dogs or other veggies.

If you want to add some more utensils and other camping kitchen supplies to your kit, you can find a variety of a la carte items at most camping stores or online. Some items that you might want to consider adding are a heat-resistant glove or towel for handling the hot cookware, a non-abrasive brush for cleaning, and a sponge for wiping down the cookware.

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